Who are we?

With extensive experience and network in online distribution, Designare is an expert in online distribution and brand management field. We specialise in introducing and launching new international brands in China through online channel. “Cruelty free” is one of our motto in running beauty business. With the deep love of animal and nature, we firmly oppose animal tests.

In order to avoid animal tests, we distribute  beauty products through cross-border e-commerce channels, we, together with some partners, have warehouses in Hong Kong and Chinese bonded areas. When products are shipped out from these warehouses to Chinese customers, they are exempt from animal tests.

At Designare, we hand-select the brands in our portfolio based on their previous success and their potential in the Chinese retail market. Our focus is a portfolio of brands that are fresh, unique and strong and that we feel can have significant market impact and commercial success in China. Our key strength is flexibility; fitting your strategy to our business rather than traditional distribution.

Why are we different?

Beauty obsessed and driven, our passionate and dedicated team of professionals are your eyes, ears and feet on the ground. We believe that true partnership comes from an open dialogue and we pride ourselves on building strong collaborations to drive your brand in the market.

We support your brand every step of the way so you can focus on the most important part of your brand: the product! We have specialists in brand management, local regulations, sales and international logistics. As well as this, one of our key strengths is our understanding and knowledge of the flourishing online retail and social media marketing in China.